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If you have visited our online store, then no doubt you’re looking for an air conditioning solution for your home, business or commercial premises.

LowCostClima is made up of a group of professionals from the air conditioning and ventilation sector focused and engaged in keeping up-to-date with all the latest market innovations within our industry, and above all, in implementing all the latest technologies in terms of research, development and innovation for air conditioning and ventilation equipment which we sell.

All products found on the online store are manufactured by the Japanese brand Mitsubishi Electric, thus ensuring that should you purchase an air conditioning solution with LowCostClima, you can rest assured that the product or air conditioning equipment is guaranteed to be high-quality.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading company in product manufacture and solutions design for the air conditioning and ventilation sector.  Mitsubishi Electric holds dual certification for quality and environmental management – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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At LowCostClima, customer satisfaction matters

At LowCostClima, you, the customer are our number one concern: it just so happens that customer satisfaction and well-being are a lot easier to achieve if we can keep your home at the perfect temperature.

The perfect solution doesn’t have to mean negative environmental impacts, since Mitsubishi Electric products are extremely energy efficient.

Here at LowCostClima, we are committed to Mitsubishi Electric, because we are a modern and responsible company, as well as to fulfilling our obligation to furnishing our customers with the highest quality products available on the market. Moreover, in this area Mitsubishi Electric is the undisputed market leader.

The Japanese brand occupies an unrivalled position the air conditioning sector since, in addition to having achieved important technological advances over its competitors, the price-quality ratio of the brand’s product range is second to none. And this is all down to offering the highest quality products with unrivalled benefits and features at the most economical, value-for-money prices to the consumer – not something you’ll find everywhere. Scratch beneath the surface and research will show you it’s a feat unique to Mitsubishi Electric.

Types of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners you’ll find at LowCostClima

At LowCostClima, after analyzing all of Mitsubishi Electric products and interacting with our customers to find out more about their needs, we opted to offer you the following Air Conditioner models:

Main features of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners

As a result of the research and technological developments, Mitsubishi Electric has succeeded in creating a cheap air conditioner that is also high quality.

This economical air conditioning solution has been devised through maximization of energy efficiency.

The unbelievable price of these devices – unmatched anywhere in the market – is owed   to the maximum levels of energy efficiency achieved by the brand.

  • The design was developed in such a way as to allow Mitsubishi Electric to adapt their air conditioning for installation in all buildings types and rooms, so that it can be fitted within practically any structure.       Their ductwork can fit into standard ceilings, while devices have a flat design that greatly favours their seamless integration into the environment. Should for aesthetic purposes, a gloss effect be required for units being installed, customer can find all info on this in the sales catalogue.
  • Those suffering from allergies, asthma, and people of all ages will be happy to know that thorough air purification by the Mitsubishi Electric appliances that are sold by us is fully guaranteed. This is achieved thanks to the Plasma Quad, a set of state-of-the-art filters, capable of deactivating the four pollutants which often cause more problems in the air conditioning systems: viruses, bacteria, dust and allergens.
  • Natural breeze. This function overcomes one of the problems usually presented by Air Conditioning, since here the jet is not directed at a specific point or person within that specific area. Mitsubishi Electric has achieved this via the Kirigamine experience, which introduces a people detection system, ensuring that the distribution of air is proportional throughout the entire area.
  • Mitsubishi Electric presence sensor to save energy. This is the 3D i-see solution that incorporates some “smart” technology equipment. The sensor is capable of detecting, for example, there were three people in a room and now there is only one. Then it adjusts the operating capacity of the equipment so that the room is kept at a suitable temperature for the person who has remained in the room., with the consequential energy saving that this action represents.
  • Noise-free air conditioner. This is the solution to one of the problems traditionally brought about by these types of equipment, that wound up being a nuisance. However, Mitsubishi Electric has made it possible to achieve a more relaxed atmosphere, so that in rooms where a little more ‘quiet’ time is called for, such as bedrooms, these areas will be free of any disruptive noises. Meanwhile in the others where there’s more activity going on, the noise ceases to be a distraction. The solution reaches minimal noise levels of up to 21dB.
  • Cold and heat. Dual slat system. A solution introduced by Mitsubishi Electric following consumer feedback that a single device meet air conditioning requirements both in summer and winter. The Japanese brand introduced the Dual Air technology, which makes it possible to get an optimum temperature 365 days a year. The slat system allows the air to come out horizontally when operated in ‘cold’ mode and from top to bottom when the ‘heat’ mode is selected.
  • Inverter Technology Mitsubishi Electric, which enables the appliance to calculate the temperature that is ideal for a household according to the number of persons inside it and the external air temperature. This feature ensures optimal performance of the compressor and is also aimed at a considerable reduction in energy consumption.
  • Mitsubishi Electric weekly programmer. The height of sophistication, with multi Split systems, people who spend more time out of their homes due to work or any other circumstances, can in an instant set the desirable temperature for their home throughout the week.
Aires Acondicionados de calidad Mitsubishi Electric
Aires Acondicionados de calidad Mitsubishi Electric
Aires Acondicionados de calidad Mitsubishi Electric
Aires Acondicionados de calidad Mitsubishi Electric

There is no market rival thanks to Replace Technology

As if more proof were needed in terms of affirming Mitsubishi Electric’s leading position in the Air conditioning sector, now the replacement of old equipment with obsolete technology for state-of-the-art equipment is also possible.

This can be done through reusing the previous installation, with the consequent saving of money that this provides for, since there is no need for new refrigerator, control and electrical connections, since those that were in place when the equipment was installed can be re-used.

Mitsubishi Electric makes all this possible with Replace Technology, enabling owners of old equipment which emits gaseous pollutants banned by the European Union to see a significant cost reduction compared with replacement of units with new ones. A technology has been developed through the re-use of old refrigeration, control and electrical connections, proving more cost and time-effective.

The European Union directives determine that the R22 refrigerant gas is now a prohibited refrigerant gas in 2015, given it can be released into the atmosphere, and thus, any equipment that uses it, can end up contributing to damage to the ozone layer and seriously harm the environment. And what is worse, these emissions negatively impact people’s health.

Consequently, and in order to ensure the success of the standard, in 2010, the European Union banned the sale of this gas for recharging or maintenance of equipment installed before 2004, which will gradually become obsolete, since its maintenance will be very expensive. In addition, since January 2015, the use of HCFC refrigerant gas recovered from other equipment or from recycled equipment is also prohibited.

Consequently, in order to comply with legal provisions, many users will be forced to replace their air conditioners. To this end, Mitsubishi Electric is the customer’s best friend, thanks to the ingenious Replace Technology, which enables:

Fast and efficient installation, reusing the pipes of the equipment that is removed, which will result in a significant reduction in servicing time.

Significant cost reductions, since some of the apparatus from the previous installation will consequently be used and therefore less servicing time will be required.

Greater respect and safeguarding of the environment, since this will entail the re-use of materials and hence there will be a significant reduction in materials and C02 emissions to the atmosphere.

The philosophy behind Replace Technology is clearly influenced by environmentalism, since it is based on three concepts that are highly beneficial to the environment: reuse, replace and renew. Consider the following:

Aire Acondicionado Split
Aire Acondicionado Multi Split
Aire Acondicionado conductos

Ten reasons why I should buy my Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner at LowCostClima

If you’re still looking for more reasons why you should purchase a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner from LowCostClima, here’s a handy checklist for you:

  1. Because you will be buying a quality Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner fully supported by Mitsubishi Electric: the leading brand in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.
  2. Because LowCostClima provides a solution to your air conditioning needs with a value-for-money air conditioner that best suits your budget.
  3. Because on this online store, buying a low-cost air conditioner doesn’t mean compromising on quality.
  4. Because the main concern of the professionals at LowCostClima is providing its customers with the most cutting-edge technology on the market.
  5. Because on this online store you will find the best air conditioner buying offers and promotions.
  6. Because at LowCostClima, we take great care in the entire purchase process, from helping you find the equipment most-suited to your requirements right through to the installation process at your home or business.
  7. Throughout the entire process, you will be accompanied by a team of professional air conditioner technicians, who are fully-trained and up-to-date with the latest technological developments.
  8. Because at LowCostClimathere is always a dedicated technician on hand to resolve any of your issues or queries, either via the contact form or over the phone.
  9. We boast over seven years of industry experience.
  10. We boast a large number of loyal and satisfied customers who know they count on LowCostClima year after year.

We’d like to thank all our customers, suppliers and technicians for trusting in LowCostClima and the work of its team. We aim to continue in our endeavour to make this online shop the go-to destination for those in search of quality and value-for-money Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and the latest technology within the ever-demanding air conditioning sector.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you.

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